In the past twelve years, since its inception, the Foundation has handed out over $84,000 in grants and has built up its Endowment Fund to over $180,000.

But, we are still far short of our goal of a sustainable fund of One Million Dollars, which would allow us to grant approximately $8,000 a year back to the school from growth alone.

To that end, we are conducting an ongoing Giving Campaign.  You can participate by making a donation to one of three funds:  Our General Fund, Our Legacy Brick Walkway (where you can purchase a brick to be placed in PV’s entrance walkway), or to our Million Dollar Campaign (donors giving $2,000 or more over the next couple of years will have their names engraved on a plaque to be prominently displayed on campus as members of the Million Dollar Club).

Please consider donating to such a worth-while endeavor.  Truly, these students are our future.