Contributions Throughout the Years:

Without your generous donations, we would not have been able to give over $120,000 in grants and scholarships over the past 15 years. We have also formed an Endowment account of over $280,000 towards future grants and scholarships. If you wish to donate to PV Classrooms, click on the “Donations & Tickets” button below. You may also consider purchasing a tile for our Legacy Wall… also by using the Donations & Tickets button. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Foundation Honorees

Each year the Foundation honors two or three former alumni for their success, community involvement, or their contribution to a greater society. The honorees are:
HONOR YEAR 2009: Honorable Kristen (Retzer) Lucena, ‘86; Ric Newton, ‘69
HONOR YEAR 2010: Jane Dolan, ‘67; Jolene (Koch) Francis, ‘78; Mark Francis, ‘75
HONOR YEAR 2011: Randy Gilzean, ’77; Roger Steel, ‘67
HONOR YEAR 2012: Debbie LaPlant Moseley, ’73; Steve O’Bryan, ’73; Mstr. Sgt. Michael Trost, 82
HONOR YEAR 2013: Gage Chrysler, ’71; Michelle Power, ‘88
HONOR YEAR 2014: Alicia Mercer Barr, ’91; Norm Rosene, ‘75
HONOR YEAR 2016: Eric Blofsky, ’04; Ryan Roth Gallo, ‘92
HONOR YEAR 2017: Anna Griffith, ’02; Laurie Tindill Maloney, ‘88
HONORED PATRONS 2017 (non alumni): Danny Andreason; Tim O’Connell
HONOR YEAR 2019: Judge Sandra L. McLean, ’70; Matt Gallaway, ‘86
HONOR YEAR 2022: Tadd Brothers, ’91; Kevin Dolan, ‘71; Stacey Jones, ‘90
HONOR YEAR 2024: Dan Nugent, ’86; Loeta Oviedo Robles DDS, ’92; Dorian Dodds, DDS, ‘92
HONORED PATRON 2024 (non-alumni): Aaron Stewart

New Classrooms Added

The nearly 18-month long construction project at PV has resulted in some of the most advanced high school classrooms in the nation. The old Administration building was completely gutted to make room for a college-level set of classrooms and labs for the expanding Sports Medicine / Physical therapy / Health Technology programs. Labs include hospital and PT beds and dummies to be used in all phases of training. The new Valhalla houses a kitchen Guy Fieri would love to have and a Café enjoyed by students as both a place to buy food and/or hang out at one of many cozy tables. The front of the building is a multi-use room called Valhalla where students can get and eat meals, perform, or watch TV from any number of TVs surrounding the room.

2017 Grants Awarded

In 2017, The Pleasant Valley High School Foundation announced that $8,008 in grants has been awarded to Pleasant Valley High School, including...

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Recently, the PVHS Foundation sponsored a spectacular Decades concert in the Center for the Arts.  The popular music group has garnered fame throughout California.  They brought their show to PV to help with the annual Foundation Grant program.  Combining the shows profits with the generous givers of the Annie B’s campaign, we were able to grant 11 requests by PV staff for classroom, school-wide equipment and supplies not otherwise funded.  

This year, The Pleasant Valley High School Foundation is pleased to announce that $6090 in grants has been awarded to Pleasant Valley High School:

  • Tech equipment to allow projection from student IPads to screen for all to interact
  • 2 enclosed bulletin broads for Library quad
  • 7 Gel Electrophoresis Chambers with 4 power sources for Science Classes
  • Heavy duty electric pencil sharpeners for Social Science Department
  • Ipads for Special Education Classes
  • Volleyball and/or Spikeball sets for PE classes
  • Musicians stipend for “School of Rock” spring production
  • Partial funds to bring Freedom Writers as guest speakers
  • 2 Performance Microphones for choral ensembles
  • Level 3 Readers in Spanish
  • 2 sets (20) Banners for Campus Event Poles

Yale Building Opens

Join us for a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the new Yale building, recently opened on the PV campus. Wednesday, April 9th from 5-6:00 pm. Ribbon-cutting, PV Band and Choir performances, refreshments and tours of the beautiful new addition to the campus.