Foundation Honorees

Each year the Foundation honors two or three former alumni for their success, community involvement, or their contribution to a greater society. The honorees are:
HONOR YEAR 2009: Honorable Kristen (Retzer) Lucena, ‘86; Ric Newton, ‘69
HONOR YEAR 2010: Jane Dolan, ‘67; Jolene (Koch) Francis, ‘78; Mark Francis, ‘75
HONOR YEAR 2011: Randy Gilzean, ’77; Roger Steel, ‘67
HONOR YEAR 2012: Debbie LaPlant Moseley, ’73; Steve O’Bryan, ’73; Mstr. Sgt. Michael Trost, 82
HONOR YEAR 2013: Gage Chrysler, ’71; Michelle Power, ‘88
HONOR YEAR 2014: Alicia Mercer Barr, ’91; Norm Rosene, ‘75
HONOR YEAR 2016: Eric Blofsky, ’04; Ryan Roth Gallo, ‘92
HONOR YEAR 2017: Anna Griffith, ’02; Laurie Tindill Maloney, ‘88
HONORED PATRONS 2017 (non alumni): Danny Andreason; Tim O’Connell
HONOR YEAR 2019: Judge Sandra L. McLean, ’70; Matt Gallaway, ‘86
HONOR YEAR 2022: Tadd Brothers, ’91; Kevin Dolan, ‘71; Stacey Jones, ‘90

New Classrooms Added

The nearly 18-month long construction project at PV has resulted in some of the most advanced high school classrooms in the nation. The old Administration building was completely gutted to make room for a college-level set of classrooms and labs for the expanding Sports Medicine / Physical therapy / Health Technology programs. Labs include hospital and PT beds and dummies to be used in all phases of training. The new Valhalla houses a kitchen Guy Fieri would love to have and a Café enjoyed by students as both a place to buy food and/or hang out at one of many cozy tables. The front of the building is a multi-use room called Valhalla where students can get and eat meals, perform, or watch TV from any number of TVs surrounding the room.

Demo Day!

Work began in early May, 2020. The staff parking and the lawn next to the library have been taken away. A new Valhalla will sit on this footprint. The existing Valhalla will have a complete make-over as the new Administration building. Three other buildings (C,D,E) will have complete internal makeovers as well.

PV's New Look

In the picture on the Homepage, the building on the left is the new Valhalla/Culinary Arts building. The middle building is the old Valhalla/new Admin building which now holds our Legacy (Tile) Wall. The building on the right is the existing Center for the Arts.

Viking Pride Night

Viking Pride Night will be held this September 10, 2022, at the Butte Creek Country Club. Tickets are on sale at this website. Click on the “Donate Now” box to purchase your tickets today. The $65 per person charge covers all food, entertainment, and opportunities to participate in raffles and in the auction. All proceeds go directly into the classrooms at PV.

Legacy Walk Becomes Legacy Wall

The old Legacy Walkway has been changed to a Legacy Wall, using tiles, and moved to the front wall of the new Administration building (the old Valhalla). All previously purchased bricks have been changed to tiles and placed on our new wall. This new wall looks sharper and crisper and is in a perfect location for visibility.